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Ignite Your Team EQ to Deliver Memorable Guest Experiences

A Hero's Journey

A Hero's Journey

A reflection

of where you are

Why EQ?


Hiring new employees and training them is expensive. According to a 2016 Compensation Force study, the average total turnover for all industries is 17.8 percent. In the hospitality industry, turnover soared at 28.6 percent. EQ at the work place can help you reduce turnover rates.


According to Gallup engaged employees are those who are passionate and enthusiastic about their work and workplace. As per their research, only 15% of employees are engaged in the workplace globally. Furthermore, managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores.

Change Management

What drives performance in the workplace? According to new research by Six Seconds, a leader's ability to imagine and execute change is intricately linked to performance. It includes change readiness, bringing people into the change process to build buy-in, and managing the change process. Read more here.

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Featured Workshops

A massive thank-you to Stefania from Your Turn Life & Career Coaching. Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Stefania’s workshop - Discover Emotional Intelligence through Six Seconds Model. It is one of the best workshops I’ve attended. The time, effort and preparation Stefania had put into the workshop was obvious. Not only is her knowledge of EQ excellent, she has an amazing way of transferring that knowledge, bringing it to life and showing you how to apply it in everyday situations. Stefania is also a wonderful facilitator.

Natalie Hobbs, Official Modibodi Distributor in UAE

About Me

Hi, I'm Stef. 

I am a COACH and a FACILITATOR with an incredible passion for the Hospitality industry.


I believe in the transformational power of EQ. 

I believe that we are capable of feeling an incredible range of emotions.  It is what makes us human. However, so often we choose to leave this part of us at the office door. 

I am on a mission to make EQ and human emotions an integral part of your team and workplace. 


15 years ago my husband and I left Italy with a one-way ticket to expat life. Along the way, 3 kids and a cat have joined our journey. We have lived in Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, London and now in the Washington DC Metro Area. 


I look forward to connecting with you and learning from our shared experiences. 

ICF ACC, ANLP, EQ Practitioner & Assessor, Brain Profiler 

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