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Executive Coaching

What type of Leader do you want to be?

Leadership development starts from within. There is extensive research that points to EQ as a strong predictor of leadership success, versus IQ.

Vital Signs

Measure Engagement in Teams & Organization

70% of issues in organizations trace back to emotional/relational roots. 

Lack of trust, failed communication, resistance to change


In an active, engaging 1-Day workshop, Leaders increase self-awareness, build confidence and improve people management skills to enhance performance.

Invest in your future Leaders

EQ Insights for People Management

Emotions drive People | People Drive Performance


HOW CAN EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE make the difference in your Organization, through your Teams and Leaders


Higher EQ Leaders are more likely to make better decisions, engage and influence more effectively, and create the right mood for the job.


The World Economic Forum states that EQ will be one of the Top 10 Skills to have in the workplace by 2020. 

Because it does make a difference. 


The programs we offer will help your leaders and team build awareness about their own EQ, be more intentional in the choices they make, and guide through a shared purpose. 


Leadership starts from within whether you are leading a team or an individual contributor, whether you are experienced or starting. 

Our Executive Coaching Programs will help your Leaders GROW.


Our Programs will bring together People, Strategies, Organization, and Operations to drive your Performance. 

And foster a Climate where people are Motivated to ChangeExecute as a Team and connect through a sense of TRUST

Why Your Turn Solutions?


Leaders influence the team's mood. The team's mood drives performance. What's your conclusion?

Joshua Freedman

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