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I contacted Stefania because I was looking for a better understanding of myself, of my present professional change situation and a new path to begin. Stefania has been a close and a thoughtful guide, making you very comfortable: it was so easy to share what was in my mind “giving a name” to my thoughts for defining concrete objectives based on my values.

I have never done any coaching, now I can say that it was a positive and fruitful experience that I suggest with no hesitations.

Marco C., Senior Project Manager, Milan

Stefania is the best coach I have ever had. She listens carefully and uses creative tools, ideas and above all her PASSION to bring the coachee to find the inside motivation and energy in order to reach her/his goals, either professionally or privately. Are you looking for a career direction or a change but you are too afraid to do the first step? Well, believe me that once you attend Stefania's coaching sessions you won't do one step only... you will do millions of steps towards your dream! Thank you Stefania!

Valentina R., Corporate Event Specialist & Marketing Specialist, Madrid

Hotel Bedroom Entrance

I had high hopes for this program when my boss told me about it but this experience has outpaced any expectation that I had coming into it. Thank you Stef. 

Director, Hospitality, US 

Stefania has been an incredible asset to my personal career and my pursuit for personal fulfillment beyond my career. When introduced to BetterUp and coaching as a concept. I was intimidated by it and didn't perceive much value to me. I proceeded because I thought participation would reflect well on me with company leadership. What I found was Stefania. This incredibly insightful person with unprecedented active listening skills. She made me feel beyond comfortable speaking frankly about my career and my life and then was so great at taking the things I said and turning them into actions that bring my hopes and dreams close enough to feel attainable. I can't say enough about how much this relationship has changed my life. Thanks Stefania!

Manager, Financial Services, US

It’s rare that you connect so quickly with someone you’ve just met, but Stef immediately made me feel at ease and relaxed. I had the pleasure of working with Stef when I hired her for life coaching through her - Your Turn Solutions- business. I was very impressed with Stef’s ability to maintain her coaching line of questioning in a way that felt authentic and natural. Stef is able to gently query while at the same time, expose those parts of you that can expand and grow, thereby helping to push you without being pushy. I thoroughly enjoyed our in-person coffee sessions and the discovery of that amazing ginger/lemon tea. Stef would be a terrific life coach for anyone, anywhere. She is professional, thorough, grounded and I highly recommend her.

Liana Underwood, Sr. Risk Manager ACS Delivery Assurance Oracle, Washington DC

Hotel Staff with Towels

I am able to connect with my team more effectively. I think it has taught me to slow down a little bit and assess more than I used to which helps in almost all areas of my work. I realized I have a huge issue with making any sort of major goals or commitments. 

Director, Hospitality, US

I've gotten better at stepping back and looking into the situations I'm in from a more objective lens. Talking about my career and then focusing in on designing that from where I am has been very helpful. Stefania has really helped by being a design-partner and sounding board with her only objectives are to help me see where I am, where I'm going, to trust myself, and lean into my strengths. How to receive criticism and turn it into an opportunity for continuous improvement. Early in our conversations, I was struggling with some escalations and opaque disciplinary proceedings that were frustrating and distracting from my work. Due in part to my conversations with my BetterUp coach, I was able to get a perspective on some interpersonal challenges and turn them into opportunities to advance toward my goals.

Individual Contributor, Financial Institution, US

I have learned so much about how not everyone is going to like you/your decisions but that doesn’t reflect as much on you as it does on differing personalities and the role of a leader is to be able to handle this fact and not always feel inadequate or self-critical to the point where it ruins positivity and production.

Manager, Property Management

At the Office

It was a structured process that reveals strengths and weaknesses and characteristics that need to be developed. The tools were very helpful in identifying those things that are intuitive, but hard to express. I really enjoyed the sessions and would recommend it enthusiastically to anyone.

Confidential, Senior Director, Washington DC

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