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Do you feel like a broken record? Are you are chasing people, following up, giving reminders, setting deadlines? You feel like you have tried it all, but nothing seems to work. It's frustrating!

There's a lot that goes into building a team. Connecting, communicating & collaborating with your team is challenging under normal circumstances. When you add the additional complexity of work-from-home or social distancing, it can feel like an impossible task!

engage with EQ!

What is EQ?

Emotional Intelligence means being smarter with feelings” – Joshua Freedman, CEO Six Seconds


Imagine feeling overwhelmed by not having enough time to finish all you have to do. Feeling overwhelmed indicates that you might be neglecting something in your life or at work that is important to you. It suggests that different choices need to be made to navigate the challenging emotion and regain a sense of balance.


An emotionally intelligent response would be to find ways to regain balance, versus staying in a pattern of behavior that leads to feeling overwhelmed, over and over. 


EQ is not the opposite of IQ. Being emotionally intelligent means blending head and heart. 
Emotions are critical data that send you important messages about what is happening around you, and inside you. When you recognize your emotions and their message, you can use that knowledge in your decision-making process. This allows you to manage the emotions and adapt to various scenarios. The same applies when you recognize others’ emotional response.


For more information read this article.

Business Meeting


Are you avoiding a tough conversation with a team member? You felt overwhelmed, you worried about how it would affect your relationship and so you put it off for later. But the longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes.

Difficult clients, a demanding boss, a challenging colleague - we've all been there. Difficult conversations are inevitable but we avoid them. Conflict resolution is an essential tool in your backpack. Learn how with EQ!

lead with EQ!

How do you use EQ to help me?

I use the Six Seconds framework that turns emotional intelligence theory into practice for your personal and professional life. Specifically, I use the Vital Signs Model that defines performance as a people-driven result.  It’s a framework for leadership, of team, and of a high performing organization. 

The VS assessments - TVS for teams and LVS for leaders - are a good place start, to identify the specific challenges facing you or your team. Together we analyze, assess and identify the growth areas that you would like to focus on. I will then propose a training and coaching program with specific benchmarks and periodic assessments to measure progress.

All the team workshops and individual coaching sessions are bespoke, designed to incorporate your individual goals, team objectives and organization mission.

At the Office


Do you feel unprepared for your next role? You have been offered a promotion but you are not sure if you will be an effective leader. How will others see you in this role? Will your colleagues accept you as their leader?

Successful leaders know that leading organizations is about managing people. They lead with empathy and make their team a crucial part of their success. Contrary to popular belief, leaders are not born. Leadership is a set of skills like any other. Advance to the next level of your career with emotional intelligence.

grow with EQ!

Let's Connect!

Curious about EQ? Learn how Emotional Intelligence can help you engage with your team, manage difficult conversations & lead with confidence. Click below to book a FREE 30-minute consultation.

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